To-Don’t List for Invisalign® Aligners

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Your Invisalign® aligners have made the process of straightening teeth so much easier and more socially acceptable that you may forget that they are there. After all, that is the purpose of making them invisible, right? Just don’t forget that they need to be properly cared for. Here are a few things to remember:

– Don’t eat or drink (anything but water) when you are wearing your aligners. After eating, if you cannot brush and floss, be sure to rinse them and your mouth with cool water to ensure that there are no food particles to trap underneath.

– Toothpaste should never be used to clean your aligners. It is much too abrasive and can cause visible scratches that will show up on the plastic when you wear them. Use a softsoap or product made for deep cleaning dentures or retainers.

– Colored products can stain your aligners. Soaking them in colored mouthwash or cleaning with anything but a clear antibacterial soap will discolor your aligners. Keep clear of them and your aligners will stay clear and invisible.

– Put aligners away in a safe place when not wearing them. Don’t chance them getting lost or broken by leaving them on a bathroom counter. Plus, it’s just not sanitary! Bacteria and germs abound in the air, and besides, your little brother may just play a practical joke on you by putting something nasty in them. Don’t risk it!

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