Tips to Help You Clean and Care for Your Custom-Fitted Mouth Guard

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Many athletes, including those with braces, find that retail-level mouth guards are uncomfortable and they make it hard to breathe. This drives many athletes to talk to their dentist about being fitted for a custom mouth guard. These pieces are specifically designed to match your teeth for comfort while opening up your airways for proper breathing. They are also made from very durable materials and, with the proper care, they can last for several years.

A custom-fitted mouth guard represents a serious investment in protecting your teeth during contact sports.

It’s a good idea to brush your teeth before and after wearing the mouth guard. When you are done with a game or practice, rinse the mouth guard thoroughly under cool or lukewarm water. You should never rinse or soak your mouth guard in hot water. Also, try to avoid leaving it out in the sun. The thermoplastic material the mouth guard is made of can be deformed by too much heat. When transporting your mouth guard, keep it in the case provided.

A little wear and tear is natural in custom mouth guards that are worn during contact sports. Try to inspect the mouth guard regularly for any trouble spots. Contact your dentist if you see a cause for concern.

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