Protect Your Smile Today Using a Mouth Guard

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One thing you can do to protect your smile while playing in competitive sports or games is using a mouth guard. This is an effective and protective tool to avoid a dental injury. Dr. David Blake Lawlor, DDS, LLC and our team strive to give you the best protection for your teeth while making sure you can perform comfortably in your physical activities.

Created to protect teeth against cutting or biting of the lips and other injuries, mouth guards reduce these risks greatly. Risks that often occur without a mouth guard include lip or cheek lacerations, root damage, chipped/broken teeth, a fractured jaw, or damaging a restoration. These are especially important when if you are wearing braces.

Different mouth guards include these three accessible options: stock, “boil and bite,” customized guards. Stock mouth guards are one of the least expensive dental guards you can find at a store. These aren’t usually recommended since they tend to be uncomfortable and a bulky fit.

“Boil and bite” guards are specified to your teeth when they are put in boiling water until it softens the material enough so you can bite into it. This forms into your tooth shape. The bite will fit comfortably and protect your smile if directions are followed closely. These can be found in many sporting goods stores.

Custom-made mouth guards are made from an impression at your dentist’s office. This is specifically designed to your teeth’s specifications and made in either a special factory or your dentist’s office. This is the preferred guard for athletes, due to its fit and comfortability, although it tends to cost more.

Visit Dr. Blake Lawlor and our dental professionals to see what mouth guard is best for you and smile. Our team in Wichita, Kansas, wants you to have the protection you need so give us a call at 316-684-5511 today!