At our office we use only digital X-rays, as they emit 90% less radiation than traditional dental X-rays. Digital X-rays are much faster, as they do not need to have film developed. The digital sensors that are placed in the mouth are much more comfortable than the traditional film X-rays with paper backing. The digital X-ray images have much higher clarity than traditional X-rays. This gives Dr. Blake Lawlor an enhanced view of your teeth and oral structures, thus allowing them to properly diagnose your dental needs easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get dental X-rays?

Yes. Dental X-rays can identify tooth decay and damage beneath the surface of the teeth. During a dental exam, these issues are less visible. Dental X-rays show the progression of decay in your mouth over time, so they should be taken on a regular basis. This is especially true if you have oral health problems or are planning to have a dental procedure performed.

What should I expect when I get digital dental X-rays?

Having digital X-rays taken will only take a few minutes. Our dentist or a member of our team will place a round ended sensor in your mouth and ask you to bite down on it. Digital X-rays are painless and most patients find that they do not cause discomfort. Once the digital X-ray is taken, the image will instantly appear on a computer screen.

What happens after my dentist has taken X-rays?

Your X-rays will be saved digitally. Dr. Blake Lawlor may take additional X-rays in the future in order to monitor the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw over a period of time. If you are at high risk for oral disease or have other complications, our dentist may decide to take digital X-rays more frequently.

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