For our dentist and team, helping you achieve a cleaner, healthier smile is one of our top priorities. After all, a clean smile is the first step in achieving all of your smile goals. During your initial appointment and all subsequent routine checkups, we will provide dental cleanings for all the members of your family. Dental cleanings and exams combine all the measures and methods we use to clean your smile, prevent decay, diagnose conditions, and begin planning treatment. They are generally performed by one of our dental hygienists under the direction of Dr. Blake Lawlor.

During a dental cleaning and exam, we will:

  • Clean each tooth, removing built-up plaque and tartar
  • Examine your smile for existing signs of decay or damage
  • Take a series of digital X-rays
  • Provide topical fluoride treatment
  • Review your dental history and answer any questions you have

We always strive to give our patients the time and attention they deserve from their dentist. We hope to help you feel more confident in the decisions you make about your dental health and the care your family receives. If you have not visited the dentist in the last six months, we invite you to contact our dental office today to schedule a time for your next teeth cleaning in Wichita, Kansas. We hope to hear from you soon!