If you have lost jawbone structure because of an injury or gum disease, Dr. Blake Lawlor will replace it using a bone graft in Wichita, Kansas. In many cases, if a tooth is missing, the surrounding bone will be reabsorbed into the body. If this occurs, the lack of available bone or the corruption of that bone can make dental implant placement difficult.

By using current technology, we can restore lost bone when needed. Replacing lost bone restores the functionality of your smile and improves the overall appearance of your teeth so you can smile with pride.

Our dentist will take bone cells from a tissue bank or from your own body. When your bone is used, it is usually taken from the jaw, hip, or below your knee. Sometimes, a special layer is placed to assist the development of the bone cells. This process is called guided bone regeneration. During the six to nine months following surgery, your body will fill in the area with new bone.

If you have lost jawbone structure, contact our dental office today to learn more about how a bone graft can help you. Schedule a consultation with us so that we can answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have.