Fight Disease with These Oral Hygiene Products

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Once upon a time, a prince named Charming went to wake up his love with a kiss, but his smelly breath woke her up first. There are lots of reasons for stinky breath, and one of them is gum disease, a grave disorder affecting the chompers and gums.

Periodontal disease is very prevalent in America, and there are more than 3 million cases reported each year. Gum disease is also more rampant in men than in women, and seniors are more susceptible to it than those under about 20 years of age. It is always among the top five most common oral illnesses, and we see patients with periodontal disease almost every day.

There are lots of different products for treating periodontal disease. You might notice that many of the toothpastes currently available have advertisements for “periodontal disease control,” and you should understand that this usually means that the toothpaste is fluoridated. Fluoride fights gum disease by enhancing the tooth enamel, making it tougher for bacterial acids to erode away at the teeth. Because smelly breath is a symptom of gum disease, you might deliberate on using mouthwash to mask your breath, but the greatest products for fighting gum disease are still toothbrushes and floss.

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