Dental Veneers for Your Smile

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If you would like to review your options for beautifying your smile with cosmetic dentistry, we invite you to learn more about dental veneers. These dental restorations are very popular among patients, and are even used by celebrities to achieve camera-ready smiles. If you would like learn more about the ability of dental veneers to improve your smile, we are glad to discuss the subject further.

These thin shells serve as cosmetic dental restorations that are custom made to mimic the aesthetic shape of beautiful teeth that complement the appearance of your smile. We utilize a high-quality dental porcelain to create the dental veneers that are custom shaded to match your tooth enamel or make your teeth appear a few shades lighter without looking unnatural.

The benefits of dental veneers include their ability to correct small flaws such as cracks, discoloration and chips affecting the appearance of your teeth. The appearance of these dental veneers can help your teeth look more uniform and white. Our dentist may recommend that you receive dental veneers if you have damaged and unflattering teeth that you would like to improve and protect.

Using a dental-grade adhesive, our dentist bonds the veneers to the faces of the front teeth so that they can improve your smile for over a decade, especially if you provide proper care and treatment when brushing and flossing your teeth. Dental veneers combine incredible durability enables with a customized aesthetic so that you can have the bright, beautiful smile you want for many years.

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