Composite Dental Fillings Can Be Used to Repair a Cavity That Appears in Your Smile

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The teeth in the front of your mouth often appear in your smile. Their aesthetic appeal can play an important role in some of your facial expressions. When a cavity forms on a tooth that appears in your smile it can cause discomfort and leave you feeling socially awkward.

With early diagnosis, Dr. Blake Lawlor might be able to repair a small cavity on one of your front teeth with a composite dental filling.

This is a special type of dental resin that can be perfectly shaded to match the neighboring tooth enamel. Dr. Blake Lawlor will need to remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel from the area to prepare a surface sufficient for bonding the composite material in place.

Once the dental filling has been shaded, applied, and shaped to match the surfaces of the tooth, Dr. Blake Lawlor will harden it with an ultraviolet light. This will effectively bond the composite resin to the tooth enamel to fully restore the tooth’s appearance and basic function.

If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area and you have one or more teeth suffering from excess wear and tear on the tooth enamel, you should call 316-684-5511 to seek treatment at Dr. David Blake Lawlor, DDS, LLC. We are always happy to help you smile.