Causes and Treatments of TMJ Disorder

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TMJ disorder is a term used to describe painful issues related to the temporomandibular joints, which connect the upper and lower jaw to the head. The pain initially manifests itself as a constant and dull ache near the temple or ears. It is accompanied by pain while using opening the mouth, which can cause pain while eating or chewing.

The causes of TMJ disorder is usually related inflammations developed in people who grind their teeth at night. Other cases are related to past dislocations, arthritis, or injuries to the ball and socket joint.

To treat TMJ disorder, Dr. David Blake Lawlor, DDS, LLC will need to find out why you have it. We use a two-step program to help treatment of the issues.

You will be advised to eat only soft foods for a time and to use a heat pack on the affected area to soothe the jaw muscles. If these things are unsuccessful, your physician will recommend more advanced options.

If the TMJ disorder is an inflammation from teeth grinding, your doctor will give you a custom fitted mouth guard designed to protect your teeth and also relax the jaw muscles. This should be worn while you sleep to treat the issue. A mouth guard treatment will typically be used in conjunction with rehab exercises to help strengthen the jaw muscle. Medications, such as anti-inflammatories, may also be used to help any mitigating issues.

A successful treatment for TMJ disorder is largely dependent on how early the disorder is discovered. If you feel you may have TMJ disorder in Wichita, Kansas, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Blake Lawlor by calling us today at 316-684-5511.