7 Ways An Oral Piercing Can Damage Your Mouth

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Oral piercings may be a trend, but they are actually a dangerous one for the health of your mouth. Here are 7 ways an oral piercing can cause harm to oral health.

  1. Tooth Fracture: Because piercings can be constantly clicking against teeth, they can fracture them.
  2. Gum Disease: Those with oral piercings have an increased risk of gum disease because piercings can harm the gum tissue and cause it to recede, exposing tooth roots.
  3. Infection: The mouth is full of bacteria which can cause infections, especially in a piercing. These infections can spread to the rest of the body in the forms of endocarditis or hepatitis.
  4. Swelling: Swelling is a normal side effect of piercings, but in the mouth it can be harmful if the swelling blocks the airway.
  5. Choking: If a piece of the piercing breaks off in the mouth, it presents a choking hazard. If swallowed, it can create problems in the rest of the body.
  6. Nerve Damage: A piercing can cause the tongue to become permanently numb, affecting the sense of taste and the movement of the mouth.
  7. Prolonged Bleeding: When blood vessels in the tongue are damaged because of a piercing, it can lead to significant blood loss.